BIOMED Biomedical Research

The Institute conducts research, education and services in the context of biomedical science. The research is centered around the following themes: Autoimmunity, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, breast cancer research

Expertise Centre for Digital Media (EDM)

The EDM Expertise Centre for Digital Media) is also part of the Hasselt University and is active in the information and communication technology (ICT) and concentrates its research in the fields of computer graphics, computer interaction and multimedia

Institute for Materials Research (IMO)

 The research activities focus on the areas of electrical, electronic, electro-optical and bio-electronic material systems. IMO has a cooperation agreement with IMEC. This collaboration led to the creation of IMOMEC.

Institute for Mobility(IMOB)

IMOB has gathered expertise in the field of fundamental and applied research in the fields of road safety and mobility. Its mission is "to work out sustainable solutions for problems in the domains of mobility and road safety".

Technology Center

The Technology Centre is a realization of the KHLim and XIOS Colleges and houses a number of research institutes. They conduct applied research and provide services mainly for small and medium sized businesses in Limburg and surrounding areas.