History of Science Park Limburg


The Science Park Limburg NV was founded in 1989 as a collaboration between the government and private sectors.

The objective was the development of infrastructure and housing accommodations on campus Diepenbeek for companies and institutions that collaborate with the research communities, from which new developments, synergies and spin-offs may result.

For this purpose, the incubator building opened in 1992; a business center, which basically focuses on innovative start-ups (in total 10 laboratory- and 8 office spaces available).

Starters who eventually outgrow the incubator as well as larger newcomers can rent working space in so-called transit buildings, also in the area of the Science Park. Here they function more or less autonomously and do not use the services and infrastructure package of the incubator.

Finally, the NV Science Park Limburg also stands for the realization of larger buildings for businesses and institutes to which they let custom-made infrastructure for a long period.